Amy Winehouse Cause Of Death: Alcohol Withdrawal

And no, this is not a headline from The Onion.

People Magazine is reporting that Amy Winehouse’s parents have come forward, and now claim that the late singer’s cause of death was none other than the unforgiving and destructive disease that is ‘Alcohol Withdrawal’.

“Winehouse ignored doctors’ advice to step back gradually from her heavy drinking and went cold turkey in the past month, an unnamed family friend tells Britain’s Sun. Her family believes that was too much of a shock to her system, the source adds.”

Move over Alzheimer’s, AIDS, Cancer, and Parkinson’s — there’s a new sheriff in town… And by the way, fuck you, Dr. Drew! Eat some crow, you prick!

So to all you alcoholics out there; if you needed another reason to keep drinking, well… now you’ve got it.

This is a happy day in all of America’s College campuses.

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