Mz. N: Top 10 Pornstars All Time (Male & Female) – Part 2

I am sorry for the delay on the Top 5…. Sometimes I have to put on my big-girl-lawyer skirt and work for a living. (Yes… I am a lawyer).

Don’t want to make you wait any longer…my nymphomaniacs.

Honorable Mentions

These guys didn’t make the list, because although they are all great at what they do, I just saw way too many of their films and I got tired soon, and I really just don’t enjoy watching them as much now. Still, they deserved to be mentioned somewhere, since they were the porn-stars of my teenage years.

Lexington Steele

Oh, Lexington Steele… What can I say about him? Lexington Steele has a huge, hard penis. I read somewhere it is about 9 inches; LIES I say! It looks about 11.

What is amazing about him is that he actually went to college and had a good paying job BEFORE porn. He attended Morehouse College in Georgia, however, I think that after the sausage fest and lack of little white women close-by, he transferred to Syracuse University. Then, He worked as a stock broker in the World Trade Center.

Also, he is deeply religious, and according to his Wikipedia page, he’s actually convinced that Jesus told him to start making porn.

“My decision to do porno has forced me to take my religion within: because of my job I am stronger in my relationship with God, because now I take God with me everywhere I go; if I don’t, I’ll fail to get an erection. I didn’t know that God blessed me with an abnormally large penis, until i had a revelation in which Jesus told me to make porno. So I feel blessed.” (

He starred in one of the first porn movies I ever watched. I have to admit, ever since I saw him and his fellow brothas gang-banging a poor little white girl, my first porn obsession began… I became addicted to Interracial Porn, especially gang-bangs. What is there not to love? Big Black Men, little white girl, 5 dicks, 3 holes. Somethings gotta give… and it did… Double Penetration… Double Vaginal Penetration and Double Anal Penetration.

Can you say OUCH?!…the little white girl always tried to say Ouch… but she couldn’t, ‘cause she had a big old black penis down her throat.


Belladonna is a legend in the porn world. Why is she not on the list? Because this bitch got bored of doing normal and dirty porn and began doing WEIRD FETISH Porn. i.e.  enemas, urinating on people, having sex with trannies.

Now… before she went into doing Weirdo Porn, she wasn’t doing normal porn either. Remember the black on white gangbangs and the double anal penetration? This woman performed DP anal scenes on a regular basis as well as Triple Penetrations… What is that you ask? Simple: 2 in the back, 1 in the front or vice versa; and I am not talking about fingers. She also has performed Triple Anal… my butt is hurting just typing that.

By the way, she can deep-throat Lexington Steel… talk about talent. This woman’s sexual desires are to the extreme. She even continued doing porn after getting pregnant. (Take note readers with fetish for pregnant women).

She is too extreme for my taste. Sorry Belladonna, in the nastiness department, you win.

T.T. Boy

Look at that face. That is the face of an asshole.

T.T. Boy is not afraid to use his penis like a weapon. He stabs his partners with it repeatedly. He is violent, not in a domestic-abuse type of way (although I wouldn’t put it past him), more in an I-want-to-make-you-my-little-cum-bucket/fuck-doll. This is not appropriate for some women, however, I wouldn’t mind being man-handled by him (only occasionally)

He comes from a large Hispanic family of big-dick-men. His uncle is Dirty Harry, and old man who gets paid to have sex with hot young girls. His cousin (Dirty Harry’s son) is an adult performer. And his brother is a gay porn actor.

But, the only violent one seems to be T.T. Boy. I wonder if he has violent sex in real life. When I watch his movies, I have the suspicion that he has a fantasy about raping women.

It’s pretty sick – and I’m not talking about him, I’m talking about me. I enjoy his movies, but then I think about it and I realize… this is not right; it looks good in a movie, but this wouldn’t be right in real-life.

I would compare it to reading that novel by Gabriel García Márquez, “Memories of my Melancholy Whores”, where a 90-year-old man, falls in love with a 14 year-old girl after paying for her virginity. Sure it was romantic and beautiful, but when you think about it… is all kinds of wrong. (I know, it’s impressive… I actually read real books, not just porn and case records)

Now… La Crème de la Crème…


Tanner Mayes

Young, fresh, sweet and naughty. You like?

Tanner Mayes has been very very naughty because she has been having sex with many men. I like her because, just like me, she has a special place in her pussy, heart for older men. I’m talking about nice older men, with gray hair, decent looks, and nice cocks.

Call us geriatrics, we do not care, a big fat cock attached to a mature, interesting looking men, a la George Clooney is the best thing in the world; I don’t care if they were in their 20’s when I was born.

Chris Charming

Don’t be surprised that the top 5 male porn stars are older, mature, with better moves. They also have ridiculously yummy-looking penises.

Sure, Chris Charming is not the best looking man, and I have to admit, he got itty bitty moobs, however, he also has a long, thick dick, with a perfect shape. By looking at it, you just know you would love that thing stretching your goods to the max. Hmm… let me think about that for a second again *stretching goods to the max*… I’m smiling.

Chris Charming is from Germany. One day he came to California to enjoy his vacations when he decided he should try out to be a porn star, and he stayed. (Learn that, Illegal Immigrants – no need to marry a nasty gringo, go into porn instead). He is actually 52, but who would think that?

His movies are full of hot, energetic sex, where he pounds away with enthusiasm.

He has his own touring website, where he provides services such a private video and photo shoots as well as “custom” videos. I have to admit… I have been tempted to e-mail him just to know the price for these services, but I know I probably won’t have enough money for it, and I just don’t have the guts to actually do anything with him. (Bull. Shit… I SO WOULD), but seriously, I would just keep thinking that his dick has been in hundreds and hundreds of pussy.


Gianna Michaels

Unlike Zeina Heart, Gianna Michaels can’t be easily manhandled, as you can see. She is an Amazonian woman. She is 5’11 and has huge natural beautiful 34DD breasts, although they look kind of tight in the DD’s… she may just be a DDD. One swing from her boobs… and you are knocked out.

Like I was saying… she is not easily man-handled… but she will do whatever she wants with men, including strap-on sex.

She is feisty and sometimes violent with men and above all she is enthusiastic. She bounces hard on a dick, and while she is doing it she has an evil smile on her face, as if to say “Yes, I am taking your entire huge cock, hard, and is not killing me… I can take it… give me more”.

She is on the list, because I think she is plain sexy. But I do prefer videos where she doesn’t have to speak. Once she speaks, you realize… you can take the girl out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the girl (yes I know she’s white… so what? You get the point)

Manuel Ferrara

Ooh La La! French Monsieu… Oui Oui…

Hot, Sexy, French and looks like Olivier Martinez… I’m drooling.

This list features my top 10 porn stars, but let’s face it, male porn stars are not always so hot. They have good bodies, nice cocks and their face is not really that important, well… Manuel Ferrara is one of those porn stars that has a nice body, nice cock and is HOT HOT HOT!

He is not just a pretty boy actor. He also directs porn. Let’s just say he has a great creative side to him.

He’s also dominant and loves to perform anal sex. While he is penetrating a girl in the ass he will make another one lick his balls… talk about cojones!

He is one of the protégés of Rocco Siffredi, an Italian porn god who didn’t make the list, because I only like his movies before 2000. He is known internationally, because he’s a big porn star in both sides of the globe. He has women of all races masturbating thinking about him.



AMAZING I KNOW! Look at her ass. This is a piece of art. It is perfect. (Yes… again… I’m 100% heterosexual). This is just ass-envy. I wish I had an ass like that.

The daughter of a rabbi, it’s hard to believe she is not Brazilian. She is Israeli and Slovakian. She was married before entering into porn, and she worked as a paralegal.

Also, before porn she had never tried anal sex or lesbian sex. Now she performs anal sex in film and in her personal life in a regular basis. She credits porn for making her realize how good anal sex actually is. I’m surprised that with an ass like that none of her ex-boyfriends/husband asked her if they could put it up her butt… Why else would God give that ass to her?

There is not much to say about her, except WHAT AN ASS! Oh and yes, she likes sex.

Steve Holmes

I am sorry; I admit it: I am obsessed with men between 35 and 50. Steve Holmes is not an exception. His body is not really all that either, but like Chris Charming, his dick is so nice.

And he’s really into the sex; he gets involved. This man loves to eat pussy and ass, and he will enjoy every thrust.

Sure, I prefer the videos where he plays the older man that finds the babysitter naked and drunk and must teach her a lesson, but I like all of his videos, even the ones in German and French. (He’s Romanian)


Sasha Grey

You’ve probably seen Sasha Grey on the hit HBO show, Entourage.

If you thought, “Oh, look how hot that actress playing a porn star is… she seems like a real porn star…” Well, that’s because she was. Yes, I said WAS, because after trying to do the normal acting thing, she decided that a movie endings with happy endings were not really her thing, although she could have fooled me.

She began doing porn right after turning 18, and attracted major attention. Even The New York Times had something to say about her: “Distinguished by both the extremity of what she is willing to do, and an unusual degree of intellectual seriousness about doing it.

What extremity is he referring to?

Anal Sex, Gang Bangs, Lesbian scenes, strap-on scenes, and really really nasty deep-throats. I’m sorry… I do not care if she goes on to win an oscar, I will always remember her as that really-young-looking-but-nasty-chick-that –does-everything-imaginable.

What intellectual seriousness is he referring to? I have no clue… well… she really never smiles when she is being gang-banged or DP anally, or deep-throating a 10 inch dick… she’s definitely thinking intellectually, planning her next audition for a real movie, while she is being hard-fucked by 8 men.

Please, research her work… she is now retired. Lets keep her porn past, alive.

Mark Ashley

This guy just looks plain tall in movies. All his co-stars always look tiny next to him.

His penis is beautiful. Long, thick and slightly curved; It looks like it would nicely and gently rub the upper inside wall of your pussy until you come hard on it. Yes… I dream of his cock.

The other thing about Mark Ashley that I really like is that besides the fact that he looks like such a great lay, is that you can tell the only thing he really wants to do is eat pussy. Oh lord… he goes straight down to the pussy, like it is made out of candy (even on the ugly ones).

Want to know more? He not only eats and licks that pussy like there is no tomorrow, he also enjoys eating and licking the ass… yes, girls like that – even when we say we don’t.

Mark Ashley, even with a girl’s name, (because I don’t care how many people tell me Ashley is a unisex name, it is a girl’s name), I wish you had a website like Chris Charming where I can book “private” video and photo shoots with you. I would behave nicely all year long, so I could ask Santa to bring me Mark Ashley. (And then I can be really really really naughty).


Sunny Lane

My number 1! Sunny Lane.

She is not the hottest girl on the list but she is my number one. She has a couple of good things going for her though.

  1. She is one enthusiastic girl
  2. She is really flexible
  3. She begs for cock
  4. She is nasty, very very nasty.

Sunny Lane is a trained ice skater as well as yoga and pilates instructor… You see now why she’s so flexible?

This girl enjoys having sex. You can tell in her eyes. She sees a cock and she wants to devour it. She is playful and skillful with a dick between her hands.

She does everything, just like all porn stars in our list, but she will not do the weird fetish porn movie. She keeps it nasty but simple. No need to start playing with piss here.

She’s really into having sex until she and her partners are sweating, which I like because it resembles real life sex, right?

She also likes creampies… but she makes her partners eat it afterwards… pretty hot if you ask me.

This is a girl that makes her parents proud. And I’m serious. Her parents support and manage her career. They even watch her scenes together and evaluate her performance so she can take home the stuff that can be improved. Close family… Close family, indeed.

Nacho Vidal

Nacho! Nacho! Nacho!

You are not a fan of porn, if you do not know who Nacho Vidal is.

He’s a mistake of nature. He’s Spanish and has a big fat dick. Rare breed indeed; who knows, maybe that horse he is holding on in the picture is his cousin.

Anyone who’s seen a film with Nacho in it, knows this man means business when he wants to fuck. His dick is always hard and ready to go into any hole available (even trannies).

He goes around the world filming beautiful women enjoying themselves on his dick. He treats them tenderly and aggressively, all at the same time. He’s also dominant. Seriously, he is the perfect sex partner (at least from what I can see in his movies).

He will fuck you in the ass, while he kisses your neck and nibbles on your ear lobes… Niiiiiiiiceeeeee.

I have to say I don’t really enjoy his American films so much, unless he is in it with Belladonna, who used to be his fiancé. His best films are the ones he made in Colombia, with amateur girls. Those are the best.

NACHO… is a sex god. He should be cloned from the neck down and given to ever single female lawyer in the world.

I <3  Nacho Vidal

So now you know I adore older men with nice cocks. I am a lawyer. And I am addicted to porn. (Not so much now though, it’s gotten a lot better.)

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