Occupy Wall Street: The Eleveners

The Intellectual Situation 9.0: Occupy Wall Street – By Mickey Jax

It’s been a month since thousands answered the call to occupy Wall Street here in New York City, and as of this weekend, the movement has gone global.

October 15th was a date thrown out for months. I am sad that I missed it.

Tahrir Square initiated the year. It was exciting to know it was happening, to see videos, to read about. It would’ve been more exciting to be there. I was sad.

Tahrir Square

Then came Wisconsin. The spirit of the times seemed to be in flux. More people fighting against oppression? That can’t be right.

But it was, and it exploded. As soon as the specter of austerity came over Greece and the rest of Europe, massive protests took place. People recognized their respective country’s situation was not a personal fault. They came, they saw, they are conquering.

Protests abounded against governments, but people recognized who pulled the strings. A month ago, ordinary people, people like you and me, occupied Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street

October 15th has been the peak so far. The Wall Street occupation had a massive spillover all the way to Times Square. Solidarity the world over was high:

Tens of thousands nicknamed “the indignant” marched in cities across Europe, as the protests that began in New York linked up with long-running demonstrations against government cost-cutting and failed financial policies in Europe. Protesters also turned out in Australia and Asia.

Clearly this is a global movement. Even back home people took to the streets. Something other than our colonial status got them to protest. But I’ll wager that at least some of my brothers and sisters back home see the connection between money, power, and our dynamic with the US. Money and power beget each other, and our relationship with the US shines in its asymmetry.

People have already started comparing this year to 1968. It’s true both years have been full of protests, and it’s also true that some sixty-eighters have been popping up in support of the current protests, but hopefully the one difference will be that the “eleveners” will be able to achieve something much more lasting than the sixty-eighters.

These are important times. To quote Naomi Klein on Saturday:

The Stakes Are Too High for Us Not to Make the Absolute Most of This Moment.

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