Top 10 Best Pictures Of 2011

Here they are, our picks for the Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011. These are the most powerful, inspirational, and influential pictures of the crappy year that 2011 was.

Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011

Well folks, other than the Arab Spring, there was not much else to feel good about in 2011 – But that’s just my opinion, and remember, I’m a bona-fide hater’s hater. Nonetheless, there were some great moments captured on camera that deserve to be noted and remembered. did a great recollection of the Top 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011. It’s the best selection I’ve seen out there so far.

As such, I borrowed my favorite ten pictures out of their selection, spliced in a bit of my own takes along with some of our infamous cold-hearted and insulting remarks, and now we present them to you, in our selection of the Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011.

Procrastinate and Enjoy…

10. Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011: Missouri Tornado – Before and After in Joplin, MO

Picture Credit: (Zeitlosimagery)

Missouri Tornado Before After Joplin

This is probably the most impactful picture, in terms of the “Holy Shit!” factor that it brings about when you first see it — such is the reason I included in our countdown of the best pictures of 2011.

You know, this is really very sad. And I feel like shit, because I’ve always underestimated the power and destructive force of tornadoes. I was always under the impression that other than Bill Paxton’s over-acting, the tornadoes in the movie Twister were quite simply an exaggeration to sell some movie tickets.

I never took the time to educate myself on these monsters of nature, and never took them seriously – Never again.

I genuinely feel for the people of Joplin, Missouri.

9. Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011: Gay Marriage in New York – Old Female Couple

Picture Credit: (STAN HONDA/Getty Images)

Gay Marriage New York Old Female Couple

You know, just look at their freaking faces… They’re so happy. Does it affect me, or anyone else for that matter, that they’re gay?

Come on, people! WTF is wrong with common sense, these days? Because that’s what this is about — and this picture is evident proof of that, which is why I consider it one of the top pictures of 2011.

Why would you want to deny equal rights to people like Phyllis Siegel, 77, and Connie Kopelov, 85, who’ve been together for 23 years? (23 years more than Kim and Khris were together). If they love each other and want to get married, then they should go right ahead and do as they wish.

You know, it’s funny that Republicans and Tea Partiers talk all that shit about Government staying away from our lives, yet, when it comes to the most serious matters of privacy and individual rights, they not only want to make legislate about it, they also humiliate and demean those who they don’t approve of.

I think the Republicans are the gay ones, just ask Roberto Arango about that.

8. Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011: Libyan Revolution – Gaddafi’s Golden Gun

Picture Credit: (Philippe Desmazes/AFP)

Libya Revolution Gaddafi Golden Gun

Are we sure that this guy is Libyan? Are we really sure that he’s not, in fact, a Puerto Rican?

Because, My Darwin! He fucking looks like he just came out of a Daddy Yankee Reggaeton concert in San Juan.

Anyways, even as the guy in the picture waving Gaddafi’s Golden Gun may very well dabble in the Puerto Rican hobby of decapitation, this picture is still quite powerful, given how much it says about the Libyan Revolution and the final days of one, Moammar Gaddafi.

7. Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011: Egyptian Revolution – Woman Kisses Policeman

Picture Credit: (The Atlantic’s Tumblr)

Egyptian Revolution Woman Kisses Policeman

You know? You really have to give it to the Egyptians. They freaking schooled everyone, in terms of how to go about having a revolution, and in the process, toppling your decades-long dictator.

They did it with class, they did it with honor, they did their best to avoid violence, they exemplified the values of tolerance and how to respect the differences between us, focusing instead on our similarities and what we share and have in common.

This picture is only but a single example of that – Congratulations, Egypt!

6. Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011: Vancouver Riots – Canada Lovebirds

Picture Credit: (RICH LAM/Getty Images)

Vancouver Riots Canada Lovebirds

Now, this picture is so great. I really like it, not only because of the obvious romantic factor that inevitably characterizes it, but also because of the “right-moment-at-the-right-time/one-in-a-million-shot” aspect of it.

If you look at it carefully, the two individuals – Scott Jones and his girlfriend Alex Thomas – are left completely alone, dropped to the floor, on top of one another, and amidst the violence, the riots, the fires, they look at each other and they passionately kiss… And a fucking photographer was there to capture the moment!

That was quite cool.

5. Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011: Navy SEAL Funeral – Hawkeye the Dog

Picture Credit: (Lisa Pembleton)

Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson Funeral Hawkeye Dog

Now this is just the most heart-breaking story of the year, not only because of the dog, but because the underlying event that gives way to this great picture and moment — and event where more than 20 US Navy SEALS were killed in a major helicopter crash in Afghanistan earlier this year.

Now, one of the SEALs killed in the crash, was Master Petty Officer Jon Tumilson, 35. Tumilson had a Labrador retriever named Hawkeye – a loyal friend until the very end, as the picture above unequivocally proves.

I guess it’s true what they say about dogs, man, and best friends.

4. Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011: Suicide Attempt – Chinese Bride

Picture Credit: (Reuters/CHINA DAILY)

Suicide Attempt Chinese Bride

We men are assholes. This picture proves that — beyond any reasonable doubt…

Girl meets boy. Boy proposes to girl. Girl and Boy are going to get married. Boy dumps girl the day of the wedding. Girl already had wedding dress on. Girl is sad. Girl jumps off building. Humans catch her before she could hit floor.

I mean, my heart sank right to my stomach – much like Jack Dawson did after Rose drowned him at the end of the movie Titanic – when I saw the distressed and apoplectic look on the would-be-bride in this picture.

But she was saved – Who knew the Chinese had hearts? Goes to show ya’ — and that, in and of itself, is more than reason enough to consider this picture one of the best pictures of the year.

3. Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011: Poverty in Africa – Malnourished Kenyan Boy

Picture Credit: (Schalk Van Zuydam/AP)

Poverty Africa Malnourished Kenyan Boy

I really don’t know what to say here… It’s fucked up.

And the fact that I inconsiderately throw out food every day, while shit like this goes on, makes me fucking nauseous.

We can’t keep allowing shit like this to happen. We just can’t.

2. Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011: Egyptian Revolution – Christians Protect Muslims

Picture Credit: (Nevine Zaki)

Egyptian Revolution Christians Protect Muslims

Honestly, Egyptians… You guys freaking rock; you taught the rest of the world a much needed lesson.

I’m a hater, but I gotta give it to the Egyptian Revolution. It brought me hope about humans, our resolve during difficult and tragic moments, and our relationship with one another going forward to this unpredictable future.

And this? This picture? I started sweating from my eyeballs a little bit, when I first saw it — making it worthy of a spot as one of the top pictures of 2011.

As our very own Mickey Jax so beautifully said when I shared this picture with him: “Common enemies bring people together.

1. Top 10 Best Pictures of 2011: The Osama bin Laden Raid – Situation Room

Picture Credit: (White House photographer Pete Souza)

Osama bin Laden Raid Situation Room

I’m sure most have seen this picture by now, but it really deserves to be looked at and analyzed extensively, because, in my opinion, it says quite a lot about the people who – for lack of a better phrase – run this world.

Behind all the political bullshit, public-relations maneuvering, and the constant manipulation of reality that we see in the political world — and as such, in our political leaders — this picture allows us to look into the raw human emotions of these people during an unprecedented moment. And they are indeed human, just like the rest of us.

Maybe the most powerful reaction is Hillary’s. Supposedly, Biden was holding on to some rosary beads while praying, although we can’t see that here. And then of course Obama, watching intently, crouched over, the stress of a nation on his back.

Just great stuff.

I read that during the particular moment this picture was taken, they were watching as the Navy SEALs engaged the enemy under heavy suppressing fire. The people in the room were astounded by the amazing performance and level of expertise shown by the SEALs during the mission.

Biden, emotionally and almost out of words, described the whole scene as, “breath-taking“.

And breathtaking it was. Breathtaking, indeed…

The moment. The implications. The consequences. The risks. Courage. Country above all else. Freedom. Justice. Liberty – This picture, for me, represents the very best of America.

And that’s why – preachiness aside – I will always remember it, and why I had to select it as the best picture of 2011.

Hope you enjoyed this one. Take care, and procrastinate!

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      Yeah… that’s why I said, “for lack of a better phrase — run this world”.

      Now, I can see why you would have an issue with that, but I was speaking more in general terms than literally — I think that was pretty obvious, but maybe it was only for me because I’m the one who wrote it.

      However, for the record, the US is NOT the only country who runs this world, even if — whether you like it or not — they are the most powerful still and have the biggest say on world affairs.

      You may not want to face reality but this is an increasingly globalized world, where the actions of one country affect other countries and even the rest of the world; particularly in the case of superpowers like the US, China, GB, etc.

      As such, sometimes the problems in other countries are more pressing and imperative of action than your own domestic problems, because in consideration of the interdependent synergy of this globalization era, those foreign problems do end up becoming your very own as they trickle down to you, whether directly or indirectly.

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